Music by Kurt Bigler available online.


A note about listening to recordings online.

Depending on your internet connection, the speed of your computer, and the web browser or other software you use, your success in listening to audio files online will vary. For best results it is usually a good idea to first download the file and then play it later, as a separate step. This avoids taxing your computer and software with the tricky issues involved in downloading music and playing it at the same time. If you don't know how to do this you can often get similarly good results by just replaying the music file a second time after you have played it once in your browser while it is being downloaded. If you here a lot of pops and clicks when it first plays this is a sign that playing it again will give better results. This advantage may be lost once you leave that music page and come back to it later, so if you find a piece worth playing again later, you will probably want to learn how to download a track so you can play it later.

Most tracks are available as MP3 files and some are also available as WAV files. Since WAV files download more slowly than MP3s it is even more important to separate the steps of downloading and playing the music. WAV files can take a long time to download and although they contain 100% of the fidelity of the original recording, the considerably smaller MP3 files are high quality and satisfactory for most purposes. Unless you are motivated to have the best fidelity at the expense of inconveniences of slow download times, more awkward playing within your browser, and use of more disk space, you can safely ignore all the WAV files in favor of the corresponding MP3 file which is available in all cases.


Complete directory of online recordings.

The link below will take you to the directory containing all recordings I have uploaded. Recordings may sometimes appear here before I add links or explanations elsewhere so this will always be the most complete list. As the section above explains, most people can safely ignore all files appearing in this list whose names end with "WAV" and play the corresponding MP3 files instead.

Since the recording files are named with the recording date at the beginning of the file name, the alphabetic sorting of this directory results in a list that is sorted by date, so the most recent recordings are at the bottom of the list.

New Additions. On this list you will find a set of 8 harsichord improvsations using a "mostly" just-intonation tuning for which I have not yet written any explanation. But briefly, this tuning is a little closer to a conventional 12-tone tuning which makes it much easier to play in a familiar way with good results, whereas playing in the Dual Harmonic scale requires an unusual level of mindfulness that for me can interfere with fully spontaneous playing even after some months of experience playing in that scale. So I experienced an incredible sense of relief and joy in what was unleashed when I put the Neupert harsichord in this somewhat more "regular" tuning and did these new improvisations, which you can find on the list under 5/29/2006 (1 track) and 5/30/2006 (7 tracks). I used some new mics for these recordings but recording this harpsichord voiced softly (as I like it) continues to be quite a challenge and in this case the level of hiss is quite high. Please enjoy the current recordings with their limitations as I continue to refine my recording methods.

Directory of Recordings


Recordings with explanatory text.

Recordings of Dual Harmonic Scale Tuning on the Harpsichord

Other Recordings (Piano)